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    2. Homemade curling videos trending in China
       updatetime:2022-02-21 17:10:40   Views:0 Source:chinadaily.com.cn


      A image shows a pot being used as the "stone" during a curling game inside an office. (GIF/Chinanews.com)

      Even though the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is now over, many ice and snow sports are still on fire and trending among the netizens of China.

      Curling, in particular, attracted the attention of many with its unique rules, entertaining presentation, and honest sportsmanship.

      One highlight that stood out involved both Team China and Team USA during a mixed doubles curling match on Feb 5, when Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi presented their American rivals, Christopher Plys and Vicky Persinger, with a set of commemorative pins featuring Games mascot Bing Dwen Dwen after their match.

      The friendship sparked further interest in curling, and more netizens joined in to celebrate this sport.

      Involving a "stone", multiple "brooms", and shoes fit for sliding, a successful game of curling at home would require some brainstorming and home-brewed ingenuity.

      However, this was a piece of cake for Chinese netizens, packing boxes, kettles, teapots, mugs, and beverage cans, everything can be "curling", so long as it can slide forward.

      Of course, the highest appearance rate belongs to pots of all varieties, woks, steamers, pressure cookers, you name it.

      The prevalence of cookers in homemade curling videos even made some netizens joke about the video uploaders' professions.

      "Sir, have you practiced curling before?" one netizen asked.

      "No, I used to be a chef!" the uploader replied.

      Naturally, with a curling stone there should be a matching curling broom.

      And this was not a difficult task, either.

      In China, no household can be called complete without the presence of at least one broom or mop.

      These mundane cleaning tools were quickly drafted to become sports equipment and contributed to the creation of some viral videos.

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